Did you ever dream to become a movie star?

Looking for very special gift idea to someone who has everything already? Can't come up with team building idea that is not boring? Want to make your 25-th wedding anniversary very special? We think we have great idea for you. A movie. Not just some movie, but one where you are the star.

We will write for you a story based on your ideas and make a film where you and your friends or colleagues are acting. It can be anything - remake of popular musical video, 15-minutes drama, scene from zombie apocalypse, spy thriller, or sweet story how you and your spouse met each other that you want to share with your children.

Our professional filmmaking team will organize everything so you can dive into this magic of cinema and be part of it. Everyone who had participated in our projects before feel very inspired and remember this as very special moment of their life. But even more, there is now a movie that they can watch again and again, share with their friends on social networks and collect unlimited likes.

If you like this idea - don't hesitate to reach out to us and discuss your project in detail.

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