Короткометражный фильм “Талант”

‘It's a really charming film. A great idea… and with a very charming sentiment underlying it’.
- Ed Sayers, Film Director, Sraight8 Founder, UK
‘The Talent is a film which is full of compassion and tenderheartedness for me. I was very surprised by the way this film touched my heart by its simple execution and profoundly emotional story’.
- Venika Mitra, Film Director, India
‘This is an interesting modern fairytale’.

‘I was really drawn into this film because I wanted to figure out the catch. When it was finally revealed it warmed my heart. A good feel film that makes one reflect on his/her own talents’.

‘Lovely film starring actors who are over the age of 40. Refreshing to see this done with the casting!’

‘Enjoyable, with a nice message about belief in one's self’.

‘I enjoyed this film from the dialogue and performances to the music and the message. Different from what I've seen. Very original and creative’.

- Members of screening committee of “Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase”

Short film “The Talent” can be named a true “art-house” as Elena Nodel was screenwriter, director, producer of the film and even wrote a song by herself. Elena is proud that people who watched her film feel that “The Talent” gives creative energy and inspiration.

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